The ILLINI Takeover of BTS Chicago (and my latest #NFT pitch)



The ILLINI have had a slew of Guest Clinicians helping out over at Beat the Streets Chicago, and that continues over the weekend. All American Zac Brunson joins the crew to teach wrestling and life. He's now part of a long list of ILLINI who've been showing up to do good works:

That includes student-athlete Lucas Byrd: 

... and other ILLINI greats like Mike Boyd, Conrad Polz and Jordan Blanton:

And there was a sixth, as-yet unidentified ILLINI helping out. Could've been one of the Coaches, Poeta, Ruth, Hunter, Medlin or IMAR, or somebody else. I just don't know. Here's where you can donate to BTS Chicago. Also, don't forget to donate to the ILLINI Regional Training Center


You are probably aware of the crypto marketplace, which is where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Solana. Well, there's also a marketplace for crappy clip art that is turned into a Nonfungible Token or "NFT." Then, they can be sold for as much as a million dollars. 

Wrestling needs to be part of this NFT craze, and Jombo™ is how we gain a foothold in the industry. You see, what would you rather have in your portfolio, a Bored Ape or a piece of Iowa Hawkeye Wrestling history? 

The most anyone has ever paid for a Bored Ape is 1.2m (US). Currently, they are averaging only $115,000.00 (US). On the other hand, a single Jombo™ is valued at about one billion dollars (US). 

Your decision is easy. 

If you're stupid and rich, and you desire the most important piece of Iowa Hawkeye Wrestling history, you know what to do. Scammers are standing by on the phone waiting for your call. 


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